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Arduino-Sprinkler by Hypnopompia

Sprinkler controller software for arduino.


EthernetDHCP.h from

RTClib.h from


MIT License


TJ Hunter (


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I've started working on a wireless moisture sensor to place in the lawn. It takes temperature and moisture readings from the soil and wirelessly transmits them back to the main control unit. This allows the main controller to be a little bit smarter in deciding when it's appropriate to water the lawn. Measuring the resistance between to metal bolts placed inside the ground, you can get a measurement of moisture. The temperature sensor is needed because the conductivity of the soil is affected by temperature and skews the results of the moisture sensor. It also has the benefit of detecting rain. I'll be releasing the source code for this once I get it ready.

I entered this project into a contest that Voltaic Systems was having to provide kits to power arduino projects with solar power. They saw my project and sent me a couple solar panels with rechargeable USB batteries. I wired one up to one of my moisture sensors and it works great! I don't have to worry about replacing the battery in my moisture sensor. I need to make a new enclosure for the sensor to keep the water out and the battery dry, but the solar panel itself is waterproof.